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As a villain:

You can fool anyone wiith a bad disguise.

It is crucial to recite a motto when you reveal your true identity.

You should always say something funny when you are defeated.

Even if it is extremely obvious that you are the one who did it, at least one of the heros will not know it was you.

And if it isn't already obvious who I'm talking about: Your main objective should always be to capture the electric mouse friend of your sworn, 10+ year old enemy who always beats you even though you are 25+ and never report your failures to your boss unless he asks.

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instead If you end up putting a girl in danger, you will endup making out with her just a half hour later. If someone shoots you in the torso, and you fall of a skyscraper into the freezing sea

~If santas are following you with musical instruments, get away from your christmas tree

~The device that will open a device built to contain the most dangerous thing in the universe will NOT open a wooden door

~Tea is always the answer

~Dont drink coffee if a guy offers it to you

~the technology to kill the aliens will only work once the aliens start to leave

Ah, yes. The things we learn in med school. =P

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in the 2010 and 2011 movies :

The nerdy boy will always get the hottest most popular girl in school .and vice versa .

if the movie is about basket ball ,one off the hero's teammates seen briefly at the beginning ,will return before the end of the match to help catching up the other team .and the hero will get the winning shot at the very last second :P (it might have been posted.)

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If you do something for your best friend's own good behind their back, they will always find out about it and vow to "never speak to you again!", but in the end you always end up being right and your best friend comes crawling back :)

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