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You can jam radar with actual jam.

If you want to go as fast as possible, don't go hyperspeed, go ludicrous speed.Just make sure your strapped in for when you pull the emergency brake that is never supposed to be used.

When you comb an area, use giant actual combs.

If you sneak up behind someone and perform the Vulcan Neck Pinch incorrectly, they will tell you how to do it correctly and let you do it to them.

Even in the future, nothing works.

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@peace*out...for theatre people that actually *is* normal

@omega I love NCIS!

trust me - i know. i have friends who do it all the time. i acually join in.

but what i mean, is would someone start singing loudly, in the middle of the hall way, jump on lockers, and yet have no one look at them strangely??

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If you are holding a gun at someone, and they shoot you, you blood will fill the barrel of your gun...


You should introduce yourself like so: Scales. Omega Scales.

You order drinks shaken, not stirred.

You can use a whip to solve most of your problems.

When someone shows off their awesome sword skills, just shoot them.

You should nickname yourself after your dog.

You can survive a nuclear explosion by locking yourself in a lead lined refrigerator and get out after it is thrown and bounced without getting any bruises.

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Dogs and cats hate each other, but dogs are the heroes and cats are the villains

If the movie you're watching involves Nicholas Cage, it's dumb and something just got decoded or exploded(other than the one he got an Oscar for)

The TMNT don't use their weapons,they use puns.



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the villain never shuts up

the hero always starts with "i can't do it!" but later at the end he somehow gets motivated and starts screaming "I CAN DO IT!!!"

villian always toss their head back and have that irritating evil laughter with the hero struggling or glaring at him....

(not sure if its been alrdy put up...)

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Little siblings are geniuses who can get out of any situation when alone, but not when their family or friends are there!!! :lol:

(I wish that wasn't even half true....but it apparently is so....;))

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-you must have a witty comeback. Always.

A quote (ok not really, I put it in my own words) from Bartimaus:

Bartimaus(a djinni pinned to a wall by a knife): "Well, go on with it.

Other djinni: "Really? You want me to kill you so quickly?"

Bartimaus: "No, of course not. Just get on with the joke: 'thanks for hanging around or some other pun that you were going to say."

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Aaryan, I love the bartimaeus trilogy reference.


If you have a gun and a knife/sword and your enemy is far away, pull out your knife/sword and wait for the enemy to come closer to you instead of shooting them.

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*sighs* here we go...

~If a kids scared of the monsters, hes an alien

~If the enemies give in easily, they actually have your baby and the one you have is actually made of good.

~If its a nice day out side and you voice is echo-ey, your actually in a space ship and have just been kissed

~The answer is a. to either reverse the polarity or b. its a perception filter

~giant sissors will not protect you against giant dolls

~Always push big, bright buttons

~Shouting tell me everything! when vampires are chasing you does not work

~vampires are actually space fish...that can float

~glasses should either be 3D or cameras


~If santas are following you with musical instruments, get away from your christmas tree

~The device that will open a device built to contain the most dangerous thing in the universe will NOT open a wooden door

~Tea is always the answer

~Dont drink coffee if a guy offers it to you

~dont get your palm read is someone offers to do it for free

~the technology to kill the aliens will only work once the aliens start to leave

Edited by peace*out
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