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a new classic: The Well-Dressed Frog



A well dressed frog walks into a bank and goes to the nearest teller. As he does so, he notices that her name tag reads: "Patty Wack." He briefly pauses in confusion, then dismisses the thought and says, "Um, excuse me Miss... uh... 'Wack,' but I would like to take out a lone for $5,000 to buy my dad, MacJagger, a new motorboat for his birthday."

"Well, alright then," she says. "Do you have any colatoral?"

"Of course," is the reply.

He then hands her a small, pink, porcelain elephant. She then thinks to herself that the frog before her is either a lunatic or a drunk.

"Umm... Okay Mr. Frog, I'll be right back, I need to go speak to my manager..." She finds here manager in his office and she repeats to him what she has just observed. "Hello sir, I hate to bother you, but there is a well-dressed frog who just walked in, and he wants to tack a loan out for 5 grand to buy his dad, MacJagger, a new motor boat for his birthday."

THEN, the manager cries out in tune,

"It's a knick-knack, Patty Wack!

Give the frog a loan, his old man's a Rolling Stone!"

I hope you liked it.

Please tell me what you think and maybe if you want to hear another one you could put that in, too. (???)

love always,


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