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It was an early Christmas morning. Kat walked slowly into her brother’s room and woke him up by smearing some snow on his face.

“Kat! Stop it!” Liam yelled half amused, half annoyed.

“Wake up sleepy. It’s time to see what Santa put under the Christmas three”, said Kat laughing.

“Yeah... right... Santa...” added Liam sarcastically as he ran down stairs into the living room.

He greeted his parents with “Merry Christmas!!” immediately diving under the Christmas tree, looking at the name tags on the wrappers.

“Found it!” Liam shouted half excited, half disappointed.

He was holding an envelope and looking at Kat.

“This is the special present that you prepared for me? I hope it’s not one of your poems again...” said Liam rolling his eyes...

“Oh... just open it” Kat was clapping.

When Liam opened the envelope, the content puzzled him.


. I . . . . .II. . . . III. . . . IV

uplink . . spring . . thorow . . mutual

scaled . . tamped . . sawing . . winter

potman . . varify . . xylite . . embalm

hiding . . whines . . thorns . . sharks

sealed . . ratoon . . chilly

citrus . . mistle

encave . . zapped

upload . . idioms



“It’s a riddle!” announced Kat with a big grin.

Liam produced a big smile and took a pen.

“Hahaha... citrus!” *

Thirty seconds later, he jumped up, ran in their parent’s bedroom and came back with his present.

“Thanks Kat! I enjoyed that one minute solving your riddle, and by the rattling that I hear from this box, I’ll enjoy playing this game too!” said Liam and sat down to open the rest of his presents while Kat was still standing startled, convinced that she shouldn’t have put the second picture in the envelope, because it was a total give away!

Can you find Liam’s present?

No math

No counting

No anagrams

No synonyms

No adding letters

No deducting letters

Dots are only there to add space between the columns !

* He said that because limeliam (10 year old BD member, this is about him and his sister Kat, also a member) likes limes ;)

Think simple!

Have fun :)

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YAY! I got mentioned! Now if I can finish my own puzzle... B))

Do the number of words in each column mean anything? Also, do the numbers in the crossed Grey Road signs mean anything?


Edit: added another question

Edited by Kathleen
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is "thorow" a real word never heard of it?

Thorow! I also found this word on the 6 letter words list ;) If they are wrong then I'm wrong too...

is it like prof. templeton's word search things? since its a 6 letter word, and every word in each collumn has the corresponding number of letters in common.

bit stuck on the pictures thou... <_<

Mmmm... this guy is onto something ;)

But it's not quite like P. Temps. If you look at the OP... Liam finished this in a minute!

Sorry for not being here guys... I have to sleep sometimes you know :(

Edited by andromeda
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'The blue Mountain' words related?


Is that a no to...


Guess about crossing the letters?

No crossing!


And it's not important what is the present!

The pictures are only a clue how to solve the riddle, but they are not indicating where the present is!

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