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If you are a fan or have ever watched the Amazing Race, or even if you havent, you will enjoy this game. It is just like the show, except all of your racing will be done on the internet. As for right now I am allowing 20 people to play simply because it would be too hard to PM more people than that.

To start it off, I will give you a link and a clue, which will lead to a letter. Each clue ends up giving a letter, and once finished with all clues, you will have a web address to type into your web address box where you will win the game. So remember to keep track of what letters/characters you have as you go along.

One thing different from the show is that none of the 20 players will be eliminated at any point, and i will post standings as we go along to see who is in what place. When you have a letter, Send me a PM, and i will tell you if you are right. If so, you will recieve your next clue, etc. It might be helpful to PM me what clue you are on, so i know which clue to give you.

As for right now, 20 people can sign up, just insert your name into the list....





















Once list is full i will give everyone the first clue....I hope this is fun! :)

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Same goes here. I woke up and everybody else vanished. :P

EDIT: Couldn't help it. In other words, the Indian rope trick. :P

I wld love to see that GC

we are ok on clue one and sent on answer to two - why can we not have all the clues and just enjoy finnishing it - but race if you must - if you are forming alliances then help by pm pls as it may spoil it for others - I gues spoilers are fine - we won't look will we woon of 'The Magnificent Seven' or 'Seven Wonders'

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twin bro is one clue away from winning...and under normal circumstances, I would let everyone try to go all the way through, but i just dont have the time right now...sorry if this was a let down to anyone...again, if anyone wants to make their own version of this game and host it feel free, you will probably do better than I did -_-:)

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Jrod, thanks for the game. It is a great idea that might need a few trials to make it perfect.

Suggestions for future Amazing Races:

1. Have a published start time for each leg of the race

2. Have multiple legs of the race with time penalties for different places in the previous leg

3. Have detours and road blocks

Feel free to add more :)

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twin bro is one clue away from winning...and under normal circumstances, I would let everyone try to go all the way through, but i just dont have the time right now...sorry if this was a let down to anyone...again, if anyone wants to make their own version of this game and host it feel free, you will probably do better than I did -_-:)

Well we started 24 hours after everyone else - so maybe this is not a great race unless you can do it in one go - anyway I will try to complete it when I can focus on it - please keep the details TB, I just want to see how it pans out not knowing the original game.

Woon - did you check anything last night/this am

BTW - if there is no objection why not PM all the links TB to all - then people can chose to move on

perhaps all the clues/links should be upfront so that research can be raced without ghost hunting

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We are posting all the clues and final solution so you can finish the game if you desire. We deleted clue #1, so if you have it please add it to our clues in your own spoiler so anyone else who wants to play can do so.




Twin Pop

All Clues

2. Link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

Of the 5 on the left, you’ll see what’s on the 3rd,

Scroll until you find the very last, for it is a special word.

Once you arrive there will be some big letters in bold,

The second to the last one is the answer, and that is what you’re told.

3. Link (http://www.youtube.com/)

Look for the tab that holds the moving pictures accordingly,

And once you’re in you will click on a link, which has the most ones ever, sordidly.

You continue again and view the 3rd most ever watched,

Then listen very closely to what’s all over the world tonight and you’ll need its fifth letter.

4. Remain on clue #3’s page where you found your second T,

Go to that vid’s profile, and then click on his personal page.

There is a box there that is asking you to do something with that video,

The first letter you come across will keep you on the go.

5. This is clue might be hard, it might be a riddle,

But you are looking for a symbol which has two equal dots lined up in the middle.

6.Fire Arms and Flowers, make music somewhat well,

They have a good musician who’s name I am about to tell.

He likes to wear a funky hat, while he is hammering on that thing,

I am looking for a symbol that represents his name.

(For this one, use symbol twice in a row as answer)

7.The 1995 co-winner of the award that goes to a software system inventor (by IBM),

Follow his link, and you will likely learn about him.

He’s not the one with two last names for that would be a shame,

He’s the one who helped him though, create this three letter acronym.

8.This is where the game gets tougher, although if you are smart you will prevail,

But since we are looking up the Bard, you probably shouldn’t fail.

Of the ones that are labeled misfortunate, you’ll find a two named play,

Make sure to pick the right one, for Plutarch has a say.

The play has two locales, one of which is longer,

The country that holds it is also less stronger.

That country indeed holds a cat and some giant structures alike,

That feline’s name is important, for its second letter is right.

9.Link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingos)

Follow this random link, and search upon its page,

Look for the image you think is cute, regardless of your age.

Do what you think is right to do with that pic,

And when you find the author, the last letter is not a trick.

10.Link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parker_Brothers)

This may rely on some intuition, but not if you know the most famous one,

You know it has been around forever since almost 1931.

A space that is lucky when you get it from the chest,

Or if you take a chance, 200 is the best.

11.Link (http://www.deankoontz.com)

Even if you have read his works, you may want to know him better,

And if you do you will find that he taught English in this city.

That city is a capital and its has its own seal,

Not the barking sea mammal, but a black thing with the picture of a building that says the city is real.

The shape of the seal, is the shape of this mark,

A symbol used quite often, in the end and not the start.

12.Link (http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=229729)

Looking at that post, the one that starts with JW,

You want to find the 2nd and last letters, and the will give you a place.

Search that place on Wikipedia, and it will bring up a page,

Twelve-point four might come in handy, when looking for the 4 members 1960’s page.

But not as handy as their specific origin, which you will click into,

In the main image, there is a barrage of items, of the one most unnoticeable the link below it is also due.

In that link, a certain man was the first,

He in fact has his own page, with which we do not care,

For his second initial is all we need from there.

13. go ahead and guess the last two letters and you win!

Here is the final solution:

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