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Ya well this is sadly easy!!!! Ping pong balls float on water??? yess??? Well just pour some water down the pipe until the ball rises to the top and over flows!!!! The pipe is sealed at the bottom therefore no water is lost!!! Vry easy guys!!!!

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The pipe, as shown in the picture is closed at the bottom and is imbedded in the ground. The easiest way to get it out is fill the pipe with water. The ball will float to the top, and you con retrieve it (no blowing required!).

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He doesn't need to suck it out with his mouth. He could use a vacume to suck it out. This is referring to the first post.

Won't work. You can create a partial vacuum, but there would need to be air flow from the other side for the ball to be pushed out.

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I can't believe I ran into this puzzle again.

The REAL puzzle, as my grandpa told me a few months ago is:

You are stuck in a room with no windows and no doors.

There is a hole in the floor about a foot deep (ok, half a meter for you non-americans) and just wider than the diameter of a table tennis ball. There is a table tennis ball at the bottom of the hole.

You have a fork, a wrench, and a long, thin plastic wire.

How do you get the ball out of the hole?

Now, none of those random things I put in there are going to help you, but the whole point is the person thinks they have to use the tools, while what they really have to do is urinate in the hole

So it's a good puzzle, but not as good the way it was phrased here. It's a good riddle to tell your friends, but it's important that you give these other complications (in a room with no windows and no doors, no stuff except for random tools you give them, and no WATER).

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