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Stella (HOST): Peace

1) Reaymond - I had nothing to do in last game other than talk :S

2) Limeliam

3) A. Person

4) Kat

5) clozobozo

6) Marioman9



How the Game works: Someone is the 'Detective' - and everyone knows who. Someone is also the Killer. They kill one person each night, but can not kill the Detective. There is also an angel (new addition) who picks one person to save. If the Killer and the Angel pick the same person, the Angel will save the person from death. If the Angel and The Detective pick the same person, the Angel will also save them from death too. However: If the Angel, the Detective, and the Killer pick the same person, the Angel is outnumbered, and the person dies. This is because if the Detective makes a wrong hit, the person dies.


-The Killer: Wins when there are ___ people left (the __ will be told before the game - depends on how many people sign up.)

-The Angel: Wins if She can make 3 succesful saves

-The Detective: Wins if she kills the Killer before there are __ people left (same j# of people in the Killer's blank)

-The Innocents: (the reguler people) Win If they dont die by the time the game is over


Stella was watching Coyoko the tiger very closely. She watched as he crawled through the underbrush, barely making a sound. Then she saw him race along the forbidden path. She too crept along, perfectly silent, as the golden tiger moved into the sunlight. But it was not Coyoko! It was Herlis, Coyoko’s assistant. Suddenly, a giant paw knocked her out. She barely opened her eyes to see Coyoko raise a paw, say “Welcome to heaven”, and then everything was black. Coyoko smiled. He had killed his leader. He would be leader.

Then there was a rustling sound, and nine heads popped out of the tall grasses. Coyoko stopped short – This was not good. Lisila snarled. Then Herlis turned around. When he saw what he had done, he turned on Coyoko. He was about to pounce when Coyoko fled. “I’ll get him!!” called Herlis, as he raced into the underbrush.

When he emerged, Herlis saw 9 tigers. He knew one of them had to be Coyoko – but which one!! He didn’t want to kill any innocents, but he needed to get a claw on Coyoko.

Meanwhile, Coyoko was with the other tigers, the ones that Herlis was staring at so intently. Coyoko could tell that they didn’t like him though. That night, one of the tigers was sneaking into Coyoko’s cave. Coyoko woke up, just in time to block himself from the blow that would have been his death. He clawed the tiger, making her run. “I’ll get you!” he snarled, “I’ll kill you off one by one”.

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Okay after some research and a sister to tell me who the killer is so don't look at my spoiler and it doesn't have ninjas in it Kat

it is you mafia baddie and not so innocent tiger Kat


Edited by limeliam
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REaymond: angel (lisla)

Kat: the killer (Coyoko)

Limeliam: Detective (Herlis)

Grrr.... <_<

The only reason I suspected A.Person more than Kat was that he never posted

But I will be ready next time... <_<

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Well as long as they're ninja free...

Mua haha haha

B)) I'm so good at lying...

Great game peace*out :D


*mumbling* You and your lying skills.... <_<

Edited by RainThinker
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Mua haha haha cool.gif I'm so good at lying...

*falls of chair* Good game...interesting to read ;)

*pokes quote*


:unsure: Lime you seem to have given me your cold

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