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A serial killer has been stalking Boston. He's become somewhat of a legend. So much so that he has inspired a copy-cat killer who has now begun killing on his own. The Master is just about to begin his bold plan involving the deaths of 12 people. All the murders are done someplace else and then brought to a specific location. The master follows a set of rules though: one of which is that no innocent people will die by his hands unless he feels he must do it to survive. The copycat tries to follow the same rule, but his personal discipline is not so great, so he'll attack innocents much sooner than the master would. The copycat also has a scheme in mind, but must be caught first because the master will easily make all the evidence from his crime scenes fit the description of the copy-cat because he knows who the copy-cat is. The trick is, both killers are on the police force!


The Zodiac Zealot - will kill an out-of-game villain each night unless he feels threatened. needs to bring down the copy-cat and stay out of harm's way. If he kills 12 people, he wins, otherwise he wins if he kills every other member of the police force. Knows who the Copy-Cat is.

The Copy-Cat (who loves the movie Se7en) - will kill an out-of-game villain each night unless he feels threatened. If he lasts over 7 Nights, he wins, otherwise he wins if kills every other member of the police force

Lieutenant Stark- will find two very credible pieces of evidence each night with 75% accuracy each (weapon, place of murder, habit, accessories, vehicle randomly)

Detective Smith - can get a witness to speak with 50% credibility each night or can protect someone (weapon, hair, eyes, body-type randomly)

Detective Jones - can get a witness to speak with 50% credibility each night or can protect someone (weapon, hair, eyes, body-type randomly)

Undercover Agent Johnson - gets one 100% pure piece of evidence each night (all possible evidence randomly)

Undercover Agent Harrison - gets one 100% pure piece of evidence each night (all possible evidence randomly)

Forensics Investigator Adams - gets two 50% credible pieces of evidence a night (blood-type, accessories, hair randomly)

Forensics Investigator Williams - gets two 50% credible pieces of evidence a night (blood-type, accessories, hair randomly)

FBI Criminal Expert Mason - gets one 100% piece of evidence one night and can protect someone as well (all possible evidence randomly)

Psychologist Reynolds - can examine one person each day to see if they have criminal tendencies with 50% chance of them leaking some random info (habit, vehicle, place of murder randomly)

Chief Somerset - can look at the big picture each day's vote and ask for the authenticity of two people's voting.

Evidence will be presented by each officer each day and will be for 10 items. (You may opt to put in 0-10 of the items) The evidence is (blood-type, weapon, place of murder, hair color, eye color, body-type, accessories worn, habit (smoking, drinking, etc...), and vehicle used)

The two killers will be chosen randomly from the group of 10 officers and will still be doing their jobs. They will be given 10 pieces of evidence that suits them in addition to their roles. The evidence the cops collect will all point to the copy-cat until the copy-cat is brought down. If 5 out of 10 pieces of evidence, by majority, point toward the copy-cat, his house will be raided that Night and he will feel threatened. He will not be found, but then he will get sloppy and all his percentages shoot up to 100%, but he will now be forced to kill police officers instead of out-of-game villains. He can only RID kill them though and only if they are not protected. If the RID fails, he will kill an out-of-game character like before. The copy-cat will be brought to justice if 8-10 pieces of evidence fit his description.

The real Boston Butcher will then be left. And the process will be similar. His plan involves killing 12 people and then he wins and gets away. If the evidence points towards him 6-10, his house will get raided and he will step up his game and kill an officer each night with RID (if un-protected) and an out-of-game character. If the RID fails, he only kills the one out-of game character like before. Because he is rushing things though, his chances of leaving 100% credible evidence behind jumps to 100%. He will be brought down with a flawless 10-10 evidence majority.

In my posts, you will know what type of evidence each officer uncovers, but only they will know what exactly it was and keep in mind the percentage of accuracy at any given time. Also, you will know who's house got raided if that ever happens. Anytime a player dies, their role is revealed. By rule, the game cannot exceed 12 Nights. There will be no Night Actions. Everything will be done on a 24 hour cycle. There will be no need for protection the first Night obviously. No protective role can protect themselves. From then on, any actions like protect or RID kill will be sent to me during the day and will happen the next night.

Host: I











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Itachi this looks great B)) definitely sign me up!

The only question I have is about the voting... what exactly does it involve?

It would be like: Joe's Student: Blood Type AB+, seen in a White Van, carrying a handgun, brown eyes (from 0-10 pieces of evidence)

Edit: It's not really voting. It's more like presenting your evidence. I'll change the wording. Oh and thanks btw! :)

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It would be like: Joe's Student: Blood Type AB+, seen in a White Van, carrying a handgun, brown eyes (from 0-10 pieces of evidence)

Edit: It's not really voting. It's more like presenting your evidence. I'll change the wording.

So I was Forensics Investigator Adams but also the Copy Cat I would obviously lie yes?

Edit: I'm just making sure I understand the set-up totally

Edited by Joe's Student
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When the game begins, I'm going to post each role's characteristics. For instance: Det. Smith: Blood AB+, drives a blue hatchback, wears glasses, etc... for each police officer. I figure that you all work together in the same station so you all obviously know about each other. This will also make the evidence claiming in the beginning easier to guess and easier to fake. ;)

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Descriptions for Boston's Homicide Division on the Case:

[u][b]Name Blood Type Weapon Personal Place Hair Color Eye Color Body-Type Accessory Habit Vehicle[/b][/u]

Lieutenant Stark: AB Shotgun Outdoor Shed Brown Green Tall Tattoo Whistles Grey Chevy Van

Detective Smith B Handgun Outdoor Porch Grey Blue Tall Watch Drinks Red Ford Taurus

Detective Jones O Shotgun Outdoor Porch Blond Hazel Fat Tattoo Hums Red Ford Truck

Undercover Agent Johnson B Handgun Greenhouse Black Green Average Ring Chews Gum White Chevy Cobalt

Undercover Agent Harrison AB Knife Basement Blond Blue Average Glasses Smokes Red Honda Accord

Forensics Investigator Adams O Knife Garage Brown Brown Short Ring Chews Gum Black Honda Civic

Forensics Investigator Williams A Knife Garage Grey Hazel Average Red Sox Hat Hums Red Chevy Truck

FBI Criminologist Mason B Handgun Basement Black Brown Short Fedora Smokes Black Chevy Impala

Psychologist Reynolds A Knife Outdoor Shed Brown Brown Fat Watch Whistles Black Honda Minivan

Chief Somerset A Shotgun Greenhouse Grey Green Average Glasses Drinks White Ford Focus

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Night 1: The Boston Butcher strikes again, but Twice?

Crime Scene. 11.23.08. 18:00 hours. Looks to be the work of the Boston Butcher.

Lt. Stark: Alright people. We've got a mess in there. I want everyone on their A game here! This looks like another Butcher victim.

Det. Jones: But Lieutenant... there's never any evidence. This guy is as clean as a they come. I've never seen anything like it.

Lt. Stark: He'll mess up one night and we'll be ready when he does. Now move!

The Homicide Division moved into a dungeon-like cave under a small bridge. The victim was in their typical spot. All wrapped up for the cops to find, like a present. A chopped up gruesome present. The room was vacant except for the giant bow-wrapped box sitting right in the middle of the floor. They cleared the crime scene and made sure errors were kept minimal. Wen they opened the box they all jumped back though. This was unlike the Butcher's M.O. The box was filled with Rats eating the body! It was a mess. But like always, when they put the pieces together, the Left Ear was missing.

Det. Jones: The rats could have eaten it.

Det. Smith: I doubt it, since we have parts of the right one. Besides, there's a clean cut at the skull there. The Butcher took it. Like he always does. Collecting his mementos...

Mason: And let me guess... no witnesses. no prints. no nothing.

Lt. Stark: You got it. *big sigh* this is unbelievable. The city is going to go crazy.

Mason: At least they can rest assured that he only kills bad guys. This guy was a known felon. Escaped 2 murder raps. This Butcher might not be all that bad.

Lt. Stark: Hmph. They turn. Even the vigilante ones. They get consumed with their evil. He's no exception. ...let's keep moving people. He may be good, but we're better! And... *ring ring*

The Lieutenant answered her phone. "Lt. Stark. You're not going to believe this..."


Crime Scene. 11.23.08 21:00 hours. Looks to be a second victim of the Butcher.

Det. Smith: Two presents in one night? I'm flattered.

FI Adams: Haha! Christmas is coming soon this year.

FI Williams: But all we get is coal in our stockings...

Lt. Stark: Enough jokes. Let's just get this done.

It was almost identical. The scene. A giant box in the center of a storage facility. The body chopped up and wrapped like gifts. No rats though.

FI Adams: Hey Lieutenant! Stark! We've got something here!

Lt. Stark: What is it?

FI Adams: The victim. He's missing his right ear... That's never been the Butcher's style.

Mason: And he wouldn't change now.

Mason shoved his way over to the box and began to tilt it over. "Jeez! This guy was a heavy one! ...hey wait! There's something written on the bottom of the box! Get all the parts out and flip it over!" They did and what they found was the word "Gluttony" written in the victim's blood.

Lt. Stark: This isn't our guy.

Det Smith: Great, we've got a copy-cat now? The pres is going to have a field day with this one...

FI Williams: Did you guys ever see the movie Se7en? I think Gluttony was the first victim. This new guy may be replicating that idea. Just a thought.

Lt. Stark: Not bad. You may be onto something. Why don't you put that brain to more use and think about the Butcher's rats too.

Det. Jones: This isn't our guy! No way! There's witnesses!

Everyone's jaws dropped. After the scene was swept of all evidence and the witnesses all examined:

Lt. Stark got info on the killer's vehicle and a possible habitual action.

Smith was pointed to an area where the killer stumbled as seen by a witness and he found some blood that didn't belong to the victim.

Jones' witness claimed to have seen the weapon the killer used or at least carried.

Johnson heard about the place the possible killer liked to be alone.

Harrison overheard someone talking about a particular habit this new killer had.

Adams uncovered evidence that could lead to an accessory worn or part of the killer and also a hair sample not belonging to the victim.

Williams found a hair sample not belonging to the victim and evidence of an accessory that may be connected to the killer.

And Mason got a good lead on a weapon the killer carried.

Mason: We've got a new killer on our hands everyone! No way would the Butcher leave this much evidence behind. Let's take today to go over it. You have 24 hours. Something tells me that both these maniacs will kill again tonight. Like some sort of sick contest... well... we've got a lot to go on. Put it to good use! Remember, given the precision and diligence, especially on the Butcher's part, it's not inconceivable that these killers are one of us and know exactly how to hide and/or forge evidence. Never forget that. Let's get em!


Day 1 starts now. Remember that the Killers can only kill you if they know your character. You may post anywhere from 0-10 pieces of evidence. But you must be active and talking no matter what within this 24 hour span. Reynolds must pm a name of someone on the police force to interrogate. Somerset must pm me 2 players and I will tell him how accurate their evidence is. And any protective roles may pm the name of person they want to protect on Night 2.

Host: I

1) Joe's Student

2) Peace

3) dawh

4) DMS

5) A. Person

6) Twin Pop

7) Lemonymelon

8) FIF

9) reaymanator


Game Rules

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