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Here is how this works:

i will give a few hints (they will be grouped together), and every couplet equals a letter.

Example of one couplet:

The letter in a powerful emotion,

but not in stay alive


Those words are 'love' and 'live'. So what is the letter in love, but not live? O - so o is the 1st clue!

There will be multiple couplets. Arrange the letters in order, or scramble the letters (i will tell you which one at the beggining of the puzzle), and find the word!!


The letters are in order!

The letter in 'a very strong word' that is not nice

but not in the time that will not suffice.

The letter in a linking part

but not in a money to support

The letter in a gift to a getter

but not thumbs-down-you-can-do-better

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no - thats acually closer to 'but not in a money to support' than that - but i had to make it rhyme...

letter of a linking word!

did have to make it rhyme...

sorry it was meant for money to support :blush:

are they all 4 letter words - or is "letter in a linking word" 4 letters long

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did you read my above post?

yes it's &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Ahh sorry didn't realise you had added a spoiler into the quote of me. So the letter is A then because A is in and but not in fund ;) 1 more letter to find...

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