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I just started and I have a couple of questions

-How do i view other peoples eggs on the website?

-So is the growth of my egg out of my control because other people have to view them?

-And how do I create a link to my eggs?

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ok. you can view them if you have their scroll name. i liked to click on my egg, then the parents, then the owners of those parents, look around, find a cool looking dragon, then look at their kids/parents.

But yeah. have a scroll name.

yes. other people have to click on the pictures to give it views.

i forget exactly how. google that. you have to click somewhere, but in the end, i think its the 2nd link on the page. copy what's in the text box, and put it IN YOUR ABOUT ME PAGE. Rookie didnt like them in signatures. but you can tell people in about your egg on your page in your siggy.

EDIT: you can also link them in this thread on BD.

is that good?

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please ,can anyone of you give me a brief idea about "dragon cave" :(

thanks in advance :thumbsup:

You make a scroll (an account) and get eggs, and post those eggs to websites to get clicks. I actually learned recently that its not the clicks that raise your dragons, its the overall views that the egg gets. Anyways, you raise the dragons, and you can breed them also.

Some examples are on this thread, you can look through the thread to see some o the different types of dragons.

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