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SO..... (Yes you did)



-CB (can i call you that or are you strait Clozobozo?)

i dont mind i usually just get called Clozo and CB kind of reminds me of my friend but if its easier for you guys then whatever!

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do not put your eggs in your signatures ... generally speaking, keep your signatures at minimum size so that they don't distract and the emphasize should be on content of posts (and not signatures)

feel free to add the dragon eggs on your "about me" pages - of course, in reasonable amount

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How do you get so many views? Do you have a certain website or something?


I have the egg on brainden, and that's it. I tell my friends, and so on. It's becuase of all the helpful braindeners out there, that this egg has survived so far. I've had many dead eggs, some survive, and some dont. Maybe if you have less eggs, it will work better. I might want to try the scroll sometime - its up to you - enjoy them!

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woot i revived one and it grew up! *starts running around in circles*

im trying to get one of every kind... and i thought i saw that somebody had a list of all the types... i really need one of them but i dont know where to look for it...

i think i have about 10 different kinds...6 different fully grown(i think i have 2 double ups) and 4 eggs...:lol:

here is my scroll

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