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Here is a new game called the word game.......

What happens is that there is a catagory (movie, book, or song (and/or artist) and tell me if you need more options), and the host will tell you which one. First though, we need to sign up...

What happens (this is a mix of Hangman and the letter part of Wheel Of Fortune) is there will be some blanks

(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) that need to be filled in with letters. To separate the underlines, use 1 space; use 2 or more to separate words. People will guess letters, (PM me) and i will fill in the right blanks. Whoever gets the message will get a prize - i have one this time! The basic deal is that you must PM me when you have a letter when it is your turn, or the answer to the message.

(pretend roster)

Host: A

1) b

2) c

3) d

4) e

5) f

and the blanks:


_ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

b PMs A and says 'E'.

A posts the new message that says:

_ _ e

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

Then c pms A with letter 'A'.

There is no a, so A says so.

At the end:


L _ _ n


it is b's turn, and he PMs A, saying "The lion King"

It's right, and the game is over.....

(yes, you can cheat and use google!!! :P )

SO -

Who wants to play the word game!!!


Host: Peace*<|>

1) reaymond (he told me too...)




5) ...

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Yeah, I figured as much. If I'm going to win this, I'm guessing the lamest letters there are (hence H), and hoping the person who goes before I do fills in a lot of blanks.

You have quite a disadvantage in going first.

Ah but when 5 letters have been guessed... Its my turn ;) and im going to guess i hope

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