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Since I have, what you would refer to as funny letters in my name Č and Ć, if I only write two C instead I get JOKED ZACK + two more words.

BUT if I write CH instead of Č and Ć i get CHICKEN VODKA + two more letters + a word! :lol: :lol: :lol:

chicken vodka!!!!!

i so totally making a photoshop image out of that

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my first & second name (no, not middle name) is janica jace

anagrams to

'I ace can a JJ.' but that doesn't make sense, so instead i made it, 'I can ace a JJ.'

what a JJ is, i know not.. lol.

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my reallife name turned into: cuter healthier poisoner.....

i don't know what to think of that.... :rolleyes:;)

thanks for the link!

I stumbled upon it when I was trying to find an anagram solver, but this one only generates them, but it does that in a very fun way! :D

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My real name anagrams to Inhumane hide falsifies (With my middle name).

Without it, it anagrams to I am fine defiles.

Barack Obama becomes Aback a rambo.

Joe Biden becomes Joined be.

John McCain becomes Chic' 'n' on jam (Don't really get it).

Sarah Palin becomes A sharp nail.

Cool website! ;)

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