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White field,

Black seeds,

Wise head

Sows when

In need.


Four feet, but two shoes,

I run fast, I run smooth.


Four brothers are chasing each other,

With the same speed, nobody wins.

These are old Serbian riddles... no modern electronic devices OK!


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P.S. editing your bunny is exactly entertaining


/ \

(= '.' =)

\ \ / /

\ \/ /

(") _ ("), but it doesn't space :(

edit: nvm just read your post

could it be quadruplets

Put it in code tags that way you'll keep the space!


It is not but I'll accept it as an alternative answer!!! Nice thinking, I would have never thought of that, not in million years!

Now can you get my answer for this one ;)

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Could the answer to #3 be the four directions, north, south, east and west?

Hi mathMom! Welcome to the Den!

That is not the correct answer, but if you are interested CL kinda guessed it and you can read that in post #22


And in the future use

to post the answer. They are on your left!


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