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I am going to copy Andromeda’s idea – here is a riddle for my 500th post!

Here is the first one:

You are connected

By one small thread

That’s white, yet invisible

Was alive, now is dead

There are small rotunda circles

So small and so blue

Connected by the invisible

White and stretchy goes through


You’re hung

So the daylight

Can find you

So it will

Touch the green

So it will

Wipe away bad dreams

It doesn’t throw

Yet it catches

The small strands of sunlight

Three beads:

Brown blue white and feather

Brown blue white and feather

Brown blue white and feather


Clueless and Lopsided,

Over and around it goes,

Catches the metronome,

the sound of a ticking Key.

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hi, first ever post!!! :)

ya... im gonna have to go with andromeda on this one...

thread.. you know cuz the cotton (or watever it is) was part of a plant rite?

ohh and about ur riddles being bad... are u kidding me??????? there awesome! :lol:


Wecome to the Den!! :D (I <3 saying that!! :wub: )

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