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Professor Templeton once owned a small curio shop. It was a cute little place with all kinds of knick-knacks and trinkets. It had a hand painted sing that hung on the front door that read “Open Saturdays 1 – 4”. Prof. Templeton hired an intern to work the shop on Saturdays. He was a young lad who was deeply interested in puzzles and he seemed willing to listen to the Prof.’s dropped pearls of wisdom in exchange for his meager salary.

After being absent from the shop the previous Saturday, the Prof. arrived on Monday morning to a most curious spectacle. The shop looked basically the same, except a few things were out of place:

  • Four sings from around the shop had pieces with letters torn off of them
  • The sign on the front door had been removed, broken in half and placed in front of the Cashier’s Box on the counter and displayed 1 – 4.
  • The cord that had once held up the sign on the front door was now braided through the hasp on the front of the lock box.
  • Some letters from the defaced signs from around the shop were displayed on top of the Cashier’s Box.

    The four signs from around the shop now read:

    • corn art is popular
    • king pedals 4 sale
    • angles are fun
    • rants can tell you heights

    Inside the Cashier’s box were the keys to the shop and some more letters from the signs from around the shop.

    What letters were missing from the signs?

    What did those letters spell out on and inside the Cashier’s Box?

    What was missing from inside the Box?

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king pedals 4 sale

This might be

Brea(king) or Blin(king) pedals 4 sale

Great riddle BTW... :)

EDIT: I'll try one more

corn art is popular

Uni(corn) or even Broom(corn) art is popular...


EDIT: OK one more

angles are fun

Tri(angles) are fun...


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wow... this has gotta be one of the most clever ideas of all. how long did it take u to make this? it sounds like something a person would think of when the y suddenly wake up at nite... :P


(second post!! i feel special B)) )

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The letters are unibitriquad

I'd say one grouping of letters is definitely "I quit"

Which leaves unibrad

I'd guess part of the other grouping is probably "brain", but what to do with the d & u?

forgot the letters from "open saturdays," back to the drawing board.

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