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Our powdered French vigilante friend stirred the film buff in me the other day, and somebody commented that all of the films in the list were American. So, here are some of the best from the rest of the world.

All of the titles and filmmakers are famous (well, to a cinephile anyway), so there is no need to go mining through the obscure. Many can also be guessed without knowing the film, so you get an extra point for providing the filmmaker/director. Enjoy!

1. 17/2

2. Tale of Japanese capital

3. Larry from the Mideast

4. Did run

5. "Shoot!"

6. Oddly affectionate medical man

7. Sanguineous royal chair

8. One before the eighth marine mammal

9. Exclamations or sobs, as well as murmurs

10. Last testament's victory

11. Manly/womanly

12. Pursuer, or perhaps a remover of stems?

13. The impressive mirage

14. Crazy Little Peter

15. Nil for behavior

16. Wistfulnhess

17. First of the Month

18. Destroyer, Pan-Lil' Emily-Family

19. Ten Pieces of Firewood

20. "Our iron to you" in Paris

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17. First of the Month - M (Fritz Lang)

Yes, it can...

Recapping the scores:

PoudreAvenger: 64 =:-O

B McK: 12

Mac the Cat: 4

Andromeda: 2

Rest of Brainden: 0 :-p

There are still four left up for grabs. Although PA has an insurmountable lead, the silver medal has not yet been clinched.

Perhaps the following alternative clues (which may not be any easier) will help...

... also what happened at some cinemas that showed the film.

Sing it with me: "Au clair de la lun...atic,"


Tomasz listened closely at the door, but all he heard was "pack of cards ... a ship's diary."

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I thought this one died...

Fire - Deepa Mehta

Opening Day in India many theaters were attacked by Hindu Fundamentalists

Haan! Too bad it's only worth a measly two points :(

<_< <_<
Deck of Logs??

I can't find it on Google and I've never heard of it, but it fits your clues...I guess I get no bonus points if it's right

That sounds almost right, but I'm looking for a single word. It has the same meaning as another film starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner.

Lost H??

Again, fits the clues and I can find reference to it on Google, but no real info.

Sorry, but nyet. Maybe you should forget about the "h" for now, and concentrate on the rest of the clue.

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Ah HA! :D

Dekalog - 1989 Poland - 10 films based on the 10 Commandments

Bingo. Definitely worth watching, next time you have 10 hours to spare. ;-)

Uhhh...I'm not sure I get it....

I don't see what the H has to do with it....

The Yearning - 1991 Armenia Directed by Frunze Doviatian

You're getting warmer. Once you get it, the "h" will become obvious. "Yearning" is the closest guess yet though, but this is more to do with the past, or perhaps "homesicknhess" in this specific case...

I'm still struggling with #14...clearly it's French...but that's about all I've got :( I keep trying different combinations of
fou, peu or petit...I've got nothing...

The first one is part of the French title of the film.

The English title (which I didn't know when I wrote the puzzle) is practically given in the original clue...

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Pierrot le Fou - 1965 Jean-Luc Godard

Oui. Tres bien. Apparently, the English title is "Crazy Pete," which makes the clue seem rather uninspired.

Sehnsucht - 2006 Germany directed by Valeska Grisebach...those Germans are always good for a few extra "h's"


Never heard of it. Is it any good? :D

Not a bad guess though, considering the literal meaning, but no knowledge of languages other than English is required for this one...

There was also a little hint in post #32...

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