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I need an answer for this



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The answer could be foul play, if there were deserts or mountains in Iowa:

Acclaimed Journalist Found Dead, Mars Iowa Straw Poll

Monday, August 13, 2007

AMES, Iowa (GPI) --

Sure to throw a pall over Mitt Romney's win of the Iowa Republican straw poll,

critically acclaimed investigative reporter, Ken Wolfson was found dead here early Sunday.

Area police suspect foul play.

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should be one of the well known lateral thinking puzzles ... to be 100% sure, you should have a few more hints, or somebody to answer your questions with "yes/no/not important"

and now what the most often solution is (bear in mind that without hints it can be almost anything) ...

there was a group of people in a balloon ... the balloon started to go down to the ground - they were too heavy ... so they had to drop something off the balloon (now the puzzle usually contains that there were several things around the man - eg. clothes, and 1 small straw) ... so after throwing everything they had off the balloon they were still going down ... they decided to draw straws ... the one who draws the shortest one sacrifices himself so that others have a better chance to survive - not hit with the balloon into the mountain ... so the one with the shortest straw heroically jumped out <!-- s;)

btw, there is a whole song telling the puzzle in my language called "Logicka hadanka" by a band "Horkyze Slize"

But as I mentioned, the solution can be almost anything else.

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As rookie1ja says there could be a number of solutions

1. he could hve used a straw to measure the diameter of the desert (by laying it end over end) and he may be 'dead in the middle' meaning exactly in the centre (still alive and possibly even kicking)

2. He may have been trying to get to a dessert and dropped a letter (some deserts can be consumed with straws).

3. he may have drank all the water from a lake through the straw and died from something unplesant like a burst stomach!

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