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Dear dead dog gone.



A dog prepare himself to cross the desert.

His other dog friends prepare almost everything that is needed for his survival in the desert.

He came prepared with the necessary dog food, container of water, compass, hand

phone, binocular, lighter, etc that you might think is needed for his long journey into the desert.

After all the preparation, his dog friends bade him good luck on his journey.

After 5 days into the desert, our dog is found dead. Why ?

David Lee

Don't be sad and lonely.

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Rover died because ...

[0] ... lacking fingers, he could not open his canteen.

[1] He was an old dog; and crossing a desert is a new trick.

[2] He ran across a baseball fan who ate him as a hot dog. [but only partially - he was a big dog and there was no ketchup]

[3] He was not dogged enough to complete his journey.

[4] He fell victim to a cat mirage.

[5] ...

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Ooo I Know

Dont Peek Its about...

1. Not Enough water

2. Dog-tired and fall to sleep-> vulture come and eat him.

3. Got bitten by poisonous "animals,insects, ect.

4. Meet W/ Someone who killed him and ate him for dinner....

5. Met Carnivorous attractive opposite sex dog who befriend him and ate him for Lunch...

5. IDK

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The desert is a very hot place.

So our dear dog has to drink a lot of water.

After that his bladder is full and he wants to pee.

Unfortunately, the desert only has sand , sand, sand.... and

no rocks or trees.

Have you ever watch a dog when he pee ?

Pls do so.

He will find some tree , wall , rock or some kind of supporting objects,

bring up his leg to support it, and then pee.

So, in the desert our poor dog can't find a supporting object to hang up

his leg before he pee.

So , he die as a result of bursting his bladder from urine over-load.

Poor dog.

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