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Guess the song and artist

1. Gratify male bundle bearer

2. Affection resembles warm ripple

3. Double negative elevation lofty suffice

4. One devise exist yonder

5. You’ve really got a hold on me

6. Promenade indium passages

7. Opucate ennead

8. Block dwelling

9. Orb bid abstract entity timber pitter-patter

10. Salute

11. Present dated courage belonging to me

12. Fellow live the fair weather within my vivacity

13. Scarcely my phantasm

14. Discharge from a buffoon

15. Shall we procure something along

16. Possessed young woman

17. Infant Adoration

18. Emporium circumference

19. One keeps another suspended

20. Endorsed plastered rendered

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#9 is just a guess...(and I'm not really confident in it)

Love Makes the World Go Round - Dion Jackson (1966)

This one is really tricky.

nope, sorry. maybe I made this one too tough.

How about a re-write:

optic orb bid that timber pitter-patter on my roof

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Thanks was getting hungry trying to figure out the answers.

Great puzzle....

Glad you like the puzzle. Only two left, can you get them?

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