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Four cards


The cards in a deck show either a circle or a square on their faces and have backs that are either red or green. Four cards are dealt. Two are face down, showing red and green; two are face up, showing a circle and a square, thus:

[card 1] RED

[card 2] GREEN

[card 3] circle

[card 4] square

Someone asks: Of those four cards, does every RED one have a square on the other side? How many cards must be turned over to gain enough information to answer the question? Which ones?

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I'd say two: The red one, and the one with the circle. Obviously we don't care about the green one, we need to see if the red one has a square and we need to check that the circle is not red. As for the square, we don't really care about that either. If its red then we're fine, and if its green it's not relevant to the question.

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