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Quick logic Puzzles



Here are a few logic puzzles.

1. Three mature and hefty women were walking in San Fransico under one regular-sized umbrellea. Why didn't they get wet?

2. What can a pitcher be filled with so that it is lighter than when it is filled with air?

3. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year?

4. A man traveling in a taxi and is talking to the driver. After a while the driver tells him, " You must excuse me, I am deaf and cannot hear a word that you are saying. The passanger stops talking. After the passanger gets out of the cab, he realizes that the driver had lied to him. How did he know?

1. It was not rainning

2. A hole

3. The letter 'E'

4. If the cab driver had been deaf, He would not have heard the address the passanger had givin to him. He only metioned he was deaf when the passanger wouldn't stop talking.

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1. The answer is probably "It is not raining." Regardless, if they are really that big, how are they all actually under the umbrella? I guess you could stretch the definition of 'under' to mean 'lower than'.

2. I think the answer here is suppose to be 'light' as from a flashlight. However, I think there are several things you could fill a pitcher with that would be lighter than air. The only problem you would face so how to keep the lighter substance in the pitcher. There are two options. You could flip the pitcher upside down or simply put a lid on it.

3. 'e'

4. If the man arrived where he had intended to, he must have told the taxi driver where he wanted to go. As long as the man is convinced that the driver had to hear his instructions, then he can be sure the driver was not deaf. The problem is that many deaf people are actually quite good at reading lips. A deaf person who took a job in any public service would almost assuredly be good at reading lips. So, if the driver was looking at him when he gave the instructions, even through the mirror, he may have understood them. The driver would obviously have to avert his attention from the passenger in order to drive and may have noticed the man talking in the review mirror later and decided to inform him that he was deaf. People who are born deaf do not often speak very well, but there was no claim that the driver was born deaf and this would not be conclusive proof even if he was.

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