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weird words ...


Megamatt asked for a self-contradictory word [his was "cleave"]

one that has alternative definitions with contradictory meanings.

Cleave can mean to separate or to join. And he asked whether

there were others.

There are at least two other words with contradictory meanings.

They are both common words.

There is also a word whose palindrome [letters in reverse sequence]

is a sort of definition or meaning of the original word.

Now that's strange!

Do you want clues? or do you just want to think about this for a while?

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Buckle and Disposed?

lol its not much of a riddle when Martini supplied that post... it kinda took the wind out of your riddle

how bout we focus on your "palindrome" which of course is not a "palindrome"

a palindrome is:


backwards it spells:


what you mean is a Reverse Anagram that defines itself, right? Or is it a pangram?

ie this is a pangram:

One Plus Twelve


Two Plus Eleven

A 'true' anagram

great site for anagrams:

Click here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how bout we focus on your "palindrome" which of course is not a "palindrome"
Quite right.

It's a palindrome only if it reads the same backwards.

And my word doesn't do that.

Instead, when read backwards, it gives a meaning of the word.

Here's a clue: E _ _ _ _ _ O.

Agree, Martini blew the lid off the contranym thing.

For the record my words were sanction, which was in Martini's list,

and resign, which was not.

As in, "After yesterday's game, Jones resigns."

Did Jones get a new contract or did he quit?

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Yup. This word occurred to me when I wuz a kid

and before I knew the meaning of the word. I

was surprised at the similarity of the meaning

to the words I made by spelling it backwards.

Anyone know another one like it?

Nice going.

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