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The night sky is clear. You gaze up at the full moon overhead and notice a slight flickering.


It's a mysterious black butterfly and it descends onto your fingertip.

As if through osmosis you learn of a future game. A battle to the death between cold-blooded warriors. You think to yourself that you have already gained the strength, power and endurance you will ever need, but the message tells you that this game will prove that notion wrong. That only in winning this contest will you achieve the greatness you desire. You clench your fist in anticipation, but the butterfly remains perched on your hand.

It continues to convey the message of its sender: That in this 3rd Battle you will have new powers, must expect new foes and also familiar ones. And to prepare to be launched into another dimension. With that the Butterfly dissipates into the moonlit night and you ask yourself: Do I accept the challenge?



Recruiter: ???
















The Game will be very lenient with Night and Day times (especially Day). And if you're unable to act some Nights you will automatically Defend so that you will have a much higher chance of living than in previous games - I think only Grey Cells got the short end of that stick (sorry buddy). As for a start date, definitely after Pirate Mafia and when 15 people sign-up I suppose. Hope to see you there :)

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Would anyone mind if I started this today/tonight? No one will lose any turns, and I'll extend the Nights and Days as long as need be for everyone to be able to contribute.

Edit: If no one minds, I'll send character pms out today

I'm fine with it!

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I guess I'm willing to start (if it's that or not play), but I can never be on much on the weekends. So players, please don't hold that against me like you did in Pirate Mafia!

If I recall correctly, I was the one who got planked for not being on much last weekend. :rolleyes:

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