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Thank you. :D

An envelope INSIDE an envelope? lol

Nice try, but forget about the paper (it has nothing to do with paper) and think about the shape!

Imagine if you could inflate that envelope?

I hope this will help for someone to finally crack it!


I rest my case!

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a copy machine??

No. Read my previous answer it has nothing to do with paper!

But I understand why you thought of that!

I may have mislead you by not emphasizing that it's not about paper but again it's about shape!

Good luck! ;)

Edited by andromeda
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No it's not an animal, but it has something to do with a certain animal!

Two animals would be too obvious. :)

Just to explain the 'certain animal' hint.

It's simple - goose feathers, they are/were used to fill the pillows inner casing (nowadays they are more often using synthetic fibers)


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