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I like making these similar....but this one is a little different.

Yes they have a theme. Once it is figured out, the rest will be easy.

Be mindful of Spoiler boxes.

You may solve all you like.

If you can't get it by tomorrow I will add a hint.

Also if you can get it by tomorrow I will add the other half of the puzzle to work on. (yes which is why i said long one)

1. These escalations shan't understand what direction they are off to.
2. simple crimple oriental
3. here, grasp this lash it at the things who undulate
4. guffaw it rise fluffgobular
5. thou art working a crave for a sizable arc

6. currently for some actual user brawn
7. iniquity begets iniquity, Mr. Chief
8. bad, bad, bad! You dirty aged soomka!
9. do not send a mortal to do a robot's job.
10. I adored the entire silt barricade stunt, it was lovely…jerk

11. In my hometown near Italy, the distaff are more hazardous than Remmington's
12. Zed's extinct darling. Zed's extinct.
13. All around its borders sits the basin.
14. We aspire to perform a sport
15. Thou will hardly advance.

16. I believe this is a start to a pretty fellowship.
17. fatten me a abandoned feline.
18. GRIN! You have come to Sr. Grinnings.
19. I reitterate: Place your oscular upon the road-binding.
20. Scopic Fluctuation in the sky thickness, moi's Keester!

21. Surely, a gentleman whom costumes in a Chiroptera obviously attains problems.
22. Gnillik. Gnillik. Gnillik.
23. Underwear. D-store
24. if it exudes, we can exterminate it.
25. a night absent of gore is like a night absent of moonbeams.

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These are FUN! :lol:

Naughty, naughty, naughty! You filthy old soomka! - (The Clockwork Orange)

i am so glad everyone likes them, it took me forever.

I will be posting the rest of the quotes when i get back to my other desk in about an hour or so

Great job.

i'm going to have to mention that FB got the number wrong on #24 he answered correctly not #25. Hola got the right number but FB got it first so i'm going to give it to him.


you got the right Title... however the quote is incorrect.


edit: grammar and spoiler

Edited by solemnraven
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