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This is more like unreality's scavenger hunts, not lateral thinking and logic...

There was a commotion in the science and math department of Redrum University. The body of one of the professors had been found in the chemistry lab, propped up against a stack of textbooks.

every third letter

Frozen pushed his way through the crowd, muttering hurried excuses. He had just signed up as an apprentice of the great detective, Yoruichi-san, and he was eager to get to the scene of the crime so he could begin to gather clues and solve the mystery in under five seconds, just like her. He made his way to the front of the crowd and saw...


Yoruichi-san's body.


Her long, silky hair dropped over her pale face and rested lightly on her shoulders. A gleaming, silver dagger protruded out of her chest like an oversized horn, dripping with deep, red blood. Her hands lay, limp and lifeless, across her body like she was trying to protect herself in her final moments.

To get...

"Who could have done this to her?" Frozen wondered, shaking his head back and forth.

the second part of the mystery.

"Well," remarked a young man wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. "Some investigators came here before you did. But all they found was a little note in her pocket, saying 'READ BETWEEN THE LINES.'"

I may not respond immediately.

"Read between the lines, huh?" Frozen muttered to himself. "What could that mean?"

When I get five answers, I'll post the next part.

What indeed?

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Poor frozen.... you should have made a test before this! :o


something in the lines of: pm me this message internet (if I did not forget it till writing this answer)


you should have the 5th answer now...

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