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a googol?

Came accross my mnid too, but following the Million example, this has only 3 words/alphabets. I think it have to have exactly 4 alphabets which may be repeated.

In India there is a "Crore" which is equivalent to 10 million, i.e. 10^7

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This is a very good answer and a large number indeed. I am thinking of a large number that can be written with four letters. No more, no less. Kudos on this Huge number however.

Looking off wikipedia how about

Skews' number 10^10^10^34

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about using the english language?

Would it be

3500 = MMMD

it would be even greater if you were to "bar" each numeral as this indicates that it is multiplied by 1000.

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to clarify, do you mean the length of the word is four letters, or four letters of the alphabet are used in the word? I couldn't quite tell for certain from the previous posts.

also, by 'largest' i assume you mean highest value, not biggest length. if it was the second, we could just say something like pi or another irrational and be done.

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