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I have become addicted to youtube recently, especially to this guy...

Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike

hes a nerd, he sings, hes an artist, he's BRITISH and he's in 2 bands, and makes up random songs...

American Accent

Dear future Charlie

Wall of Stuff

for all the science geeks out there: Chemical Love

Too many questions!

2nd Favorite: Beiber Fever

Favorite! :)Duet with myself

Plus it's his birthday. Today. October 1st. So if you have a youtube account and are bored, go wish him happy birthday...

He's currently my favorite youtuber, along with his friend Alex Day aka nerimon.

I also like dave days: DAVE DAYSSS

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1st one: so brilliant! thanks for showing me that! :D

2nd one: funny, but i loved the first one so much! but the 2nd is so great too :P

3rd one: also great :D

edit: apparently the first song's on itunes.

and i have just bought it... :)

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Can't believe it. The video had been around for so long, and YT decided to take it out right when I posted it here. Good thing I had downloaded the audio ^_^

Anyway, I just remembered this video I saw some time ago

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Anything by Ott.

And I haven't used LSD since 1969. It's just soothing :-) This is the best one, because us Phronists are in search of the Queen of All Everything, and I think I've found her.

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OOOHHHH!!!! I only wish I could use those links. I can only check this using my laptop given to me through my school... and they FILTERED the INTERNET!!! No youtube, yahoo, gaming sites, etc... it SUCKS!!! :angry: You guys are lucky!!!! -_-

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