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Dear all,

here are some more posters for you to work out

for example Lemonymelon might be fruityurfit



2)can i SaY this

3)Fashionable like a mausoleum

4)Bee precipitation two

5)Throw the brown mouse

6)Half a diameter and funny, in addition to above

7)OOO; familiar with O3

8)Nine mandible

9)Not any flaws



12)Parts of gnationalities

13)Fredrick’s, Bennett’s and Kala’s player

14)What masochists do…

15)Is LM a relative?

16)Old cream cleanser of Brice Liar’s famous room

17)–L + bolt refilly =

18)Very celestial

19)Obviously, Bird Nicegentleman

20)con end earn eel one

21)// red Lois /

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good for you, woon

Here’s some more I made up to finish off:

A half in the top right and say with no vowels

Inhabitants of that dude from HSM


Source funding (GC)


The correct dosage

A small helping of wonder (GC)

My seventh sir

An ebb each

Can’t think of anymore

anyway so far Grey Cells is right with the answers for Source Funding and small helping of wonder

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8)My seventh sir

9)An ebb each

10)Can’t think of anymore

no more right so far

btw the last two are fairly well known posters and #8) isn't that wellknown but enough people will have heard of them

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