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River Crossing Game

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River Crossing Game - Back to the River Crossing Puzzles

You must get all the people across the river in this flash game respecting the following rules:

1. The raft can carry no more than 2 people.

2. Only the Adults (mom, dad, policeman) can operate the raft.

3. Dad can not be in the presence of the girls w/out Mom

4. Mom can not be in the presence of the boys w/out Dad

5. The thief can not be alone with any of the family w/out the policeman.

Below is just a picture. If you wish, you can play the game online.


This old topic is locked since it was answered many times. You can check solution in the Spoiler below.

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River Crossing Game - solution

I leave this one up to you.

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Hi Admin,

I solved this puzzle. there are 17 steps (to and fro) to get successful cross for all of them.

let me know if you want me to send the steps here.....



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This is the order they rode the raft when I solved it:

1. Police Officer, Thief

2. Police Officer

3. Police Officer, Boy 1

4. Police Officer, Thief

5. Dad, Boy 2

6. Dad

7. Dad, Mom

8. Mom

9. Police Officer, Thief

10. Dad

11. Mom, Dad

12. Mom

13. Mom, Girl 1

14. Police Officer, Thief

15. Police Officer, Girl 2

16. Police Officer

17. Police Officer, Thief

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nice puzzle!! hope theres more of these!!

my solution:

1.Policeman & Thief to side A

2.Policeman to side B

3.Policeman & Boy to side A

4.Policeman & Thief to side B

5.Dad & Boy to side A

6.Dad to side B

7.Mom & Dad to side A

8.Mom to side B

9.Policeman & Thief to side A

10.Dad to side B

11.Mom & Dad to side A

12.Mom to side B

13.Mom & Girl to side A

14.Policeman & Thief to side B

14.Policeman & Girl to side A

16.Policeman to side B

17.Policeman & Thief to side A

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If the policeman is a kid too (certainly looks like that), then the solution would be that mom crosses the thief (which looks like a girl to me) first (thief is then alone, and causes no trouble), then dad crosses the policeman (policeman guards thief, so there will be no trouble), after that, each of the parents can simply cross any of the kids of their own gender. ) On the last pass, mom and dad cross together.

The other alternative would be to turn it around completely, crossing the thief last, and the policeman right before that.

But I must admit I didn't play the game at all... Think I'll try that now...

(EDIT: the policeman is an adult, as the question states... dumb me! This all goes down the drain!)

(2nd EDIT, after playing the game) Man, is my solution flawed... It can be done, but it's easy to make mistakes with this one if you're not careful...


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as you can't get the two children and their respective parent across at the same time you have to use the policeman to transfer some of the children.

1. Policeman and Thief

2. Policeman back

3. Policeman and Boy 1

4. Policeman and Thief back

5. Dad and Boy 2

6. Dad back

7. Mom and Dad

8. Mum back

9. Policeman and Thief

10. Dad back

11. Mom and Dad

12. Mom back

13. Mom and Girl 1

14. Policeman and Thief back

15. Policeman and Girl

16. Policeman back

17. Policeman and Thief

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Did you know that some HR managers in japan and china use this riddle to find the peoples IQ

Yes. It is believed that this test is solved in around 15mins (in Japan). I got this puzzle couple of months back and it was easy for me to solve. But some of my friends found it difficult to solve. I like these kind of puzzles. :)

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