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Okay, so Adam & Eve are getting ready to begin life on earth and God is distributing to them the physical attributes that will belong to each sex.

God says, "Alright, two more abilities and you can pick who gets which one. The first is the ability to pee standing up."

Adam says, "Oh Oh, ME, I want that one! That's awesome."

God says, "Are you sure? You haven't even heard what the other one is."

Adam says, "I don't care. What could be cooler? I totally want that one!"

God agrees and sends Adam down to earth.

Then he turns to Eve and says, "And for you

multiple orgasms."


I hope you boys enjoy peeing standing up. ;)

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uh...um...what r "orgasms"? :huh:

Noun: Orgasm - The moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse.

Synonyms- climaxes,comings,sexual climax.

I made your job easier by just copying the definition from a dictionary :lol:

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Heh heh. And thus Brainden unwittingly becomes a middle-school sex education resource. Hey, everybody's gonna learn somewhere. Why not here?

On the flipside, it's a good reminder of the wide variety of ages of the members here. Not that I didn't like the joke. :P

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