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Since this thread is getting long, I'll sum up the close guesses:

Casino - actually gets a cigar

Robin Hood




The Grinch

The Godfather

Beetle Juice



Wedding Crashers


Harry Potter

Confidence Man

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Wall Street





That's quite a movie collection B))

1)The answer happens to be the name of a movie, but the riddle really has nothing to do with movies.

2)Read it fast, or try and convert the poetry into simplistic English.

3)Line 4 can be read in at least 2 different ways. Try a way that does not work for an answer like Casino or Wall Street

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Texas Hold em.

Since Casino, wasn't correct, a game played in casinos is probably not gonna cut it either. The answer has nothing to do gambling or money. If I could ask for people's money in hold 'em though, that would be sweet! I guess they would just say no though =(

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Peanut wins the e-trophy! Nice one!

Everyone who celebrates Halloween and wants to eat a lot (of candy) asks "trick or treat?".

I had to leave out any candy references or else it would have been too easy. Also, I couldn't say if it was an old movie or a new one because it was remade last year.

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