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I have this on The Revival, but I'm making one here cuz there's so many people :P

Basically, this is a forum game where everyone that wants to play must sign up beforehand, and at a certain time I will start, and we are locked in :P

The game is called Mass Battle and the goal is to be the last player standing- you get a big, invisible prize :D

The gameplay is centered around a list of the players and their stats, with each person reposting the stat block after their turn. This is what someone stats are like:

Unreality: GP, atk/def

GP stands for "Game Points", it's sort of like your "health". People can 'damage' you and take away from your GP. When your GP gets to 0 (or below) you are out of the game! Last one standing wins!. GP starts out at 30, for this game (I'm expecting a lot of people)

atk/def are your Attack and Defense stats. They start out as 6/4 and must always total 10

so the starting stats for everyone:

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

so a starting-statblock would look like this:

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

Name: 30 GP, 6/4

etc, depending on how many people are playing

Mass Battle game is turn-based... everything happens in "moves". You can move whenever you want, BUT at least TWO people have to go have went before you can move again. In other words, you can't go twice in a row or with one in between, there has to be at least 2 other moves in between before you can take another move.

When you take a turn, there are two things you can do!

* Attack- pick a target, then take your "Attack" stat and subtract your target's "Defense" stat. The remaining number (if above 0) is how much damage you deal to the target. Take the damage away from their GP. If they are now at 0 GP or less, they are out of the game. You can take their name off the stat block

* Rearrange- this is the other thing you can do. You can rearrange your atk/def stats to be any numbers, as long as the two numbers both add up to 10, and are positive. Also, your defense cannot go above 8, so the two extremes you can have are 10/0 and 2/8

after you take your turn, make sure to post the new statblock!!!

So, that's Mass Battle ;D

sign up, and hurry! We'll be starting soon

Phoenix: 30 GP, 6/4

(I'll call myself Phoenix for this game :P)

so, if another person joins, they would post this:

Phoenix: 30 GP, 6/4

TheirName: 30 GP, 6/4


yep ;D any questions about the rules, just post here. Mass Battle can get complicated in later games, when I add Special Moves and other tactical things and all kinds of awesomeness. But for this first game, I'm keeping it simple

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Just saw Puppy's post . Thanks Puppy.


Itachi : 22 GP, 2/8

Giterdone: 30 GP, 2/8

GC : 13 GP, 10/0

Puppy: 28 GP, 10/0

reayman: 30 GP , 2/8

But have to go . Couldn't keep from logging in and checking status of MB. :P

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