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Zodiac Sign Challenge

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17 hours ago, mtngoat said:
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Red Aquarius, Green Scorpio, Blue Virgo, Purple Sagittarius, Yellow Capricorn.  Not really feeling this is right, but best I can come up with at the moment.


You've got all of them correct! Kindly tell all Braindenners how you managed that. My explanation to follow after that (if necessary).

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Once I realized the sequences continued around corners, I recognized long sequences repeated over & over. I found one that matched the sequence coming from a blank, and looked to see what came immediately before it.  Actually, I rewrote the graph first, substituting numbers for the symbols to make it easier to recognize patterns.  I'm a numbers person.

Interested in hearing your explanation, though. I learn by seeing from others' perspective.



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There is a sequence of 24 symbols (each zodiac sign appearing twice, but in a different order), starting with the Leo in the bottom-right corner and spiraling anti-clockwise towards the center (Virgo in the last position). The sequence is repeated five times after the initial one (in light green).






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