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At lunch yesterday four students, Al, Bill, Jack and Tom (last names Conner, Morgan, Smith and Wells, in some order) amused themselves by dealing poker hands to all, with the winner being the holder of the best hand. The winner of the first hand was to collect 10 cents from the other three; the second-game winner would collect 20 cents each; the third winner get 30 cents each; and so on. When the bell rang for afternoon classes to begin, four hands had been dealt, with each student winning once, in this order: Jack, Morgan, Bill and Smith. At the outset Tom had the most money, but at the end Wells had the most.

What are the students' full names?


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Since Jack (-60), Morgan (-20), Bill (+20) and Smith (+60) are listed as the winning students, and each only won once, therefore Jack and Bill can't have the surnames Morgan and Smith. (the net gain/loss in brackets) 

Since Tom started with the most but Wells ended with most, Tom can't have the surname Wells. (I assume that they not the same person, in all fairest they could be.)

Since Tom didn't end up with the most money but started with the most, he could not be Smith (who had gain the most)
Since Wells didn't start with the most but ended up with the most, he could not be Jack (who had lost the most)

Because of the above the only option for the surname Smith is Al, and then the rest fall in to place resulting in:
Al Smith
Bill Wells
Jack Conner
Tom Morgan



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