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Who's my daddy?



Four men, Brown, Harris, Jones and Smith, were talking one day over drinks about their sons. Among the statements they made, some were true and others were false, owing to the fact the they didn't know their friends' sons all that well. The only thing we know for sure is that each statement in which the speaker mentions the name of his own son is reliably true.

  1. Brown:
    Al graduates from High School next month.
    Carl hasn't had a vacation since he started working two years ago.
    Bill's wife can't get him to take any kind of exercise.

  2. Harris:
    Bill is going to be married next spring.
    Dick has been dating my daughter.
    Al and Carl played on the freshman football team at college this year.

  3. Jones:
    Al will be nine tomorrow.
    Bill is younger than Al.
    Carl and Dick are returning from a hunting trip today.

  4. Smith:
    Bill and Jones won the Father and Son Handball Tournament.
    Dick told me yesterday that he hasn't seen Carl for a long time.
    Al and Carl were roommates at college last year.

What is the full name of each boy?

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