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Secret message



OK, so recently I made up a way of sending coded messages and I was just wondering how difficult it would be for someone to crack.
So let's say, for example, that you are in the army and you caught a suspected spy and you found a slip of paper on him with those numbers on it, exactly as they are above.

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17 hours ago, wolfgang said:

As the numbers are from 1 to 6  that means it may have a relation to dice ( by using two dice):

11 means A

12 means B

21 means C

something like that...



e.g.( As the numbers are from 1 to 6  ) can be written like this: 1126621531323323123152261152311452242363622464

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carrying on from where wolfgang left off...




Since the highest number is 6, assume we are using base 6. starting from 11 up to 66. Then split the long number into pair resulting in 11, 63, 13, 33, ... 41, 42. 

This give the possibility of 36 unique characters, more than enough for the alphabet. and since both 11 and 65 is represented, all pairs are used. Simply assign A to 11, B to 12, C to 13 ... and Z to 52. leaving 53 to 66 as unknown perhaps for numbers or punctuation? Once all characters are assigned it become clear that unused pairs are just spaces.






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