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Singular plurals



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New strategy and a couple of words

(1) “doss” an instance of sleeping in rough accommodations.
(Remove final “s”)
“dos” plural of either the hairdo, or the party or the first scale singing syllable
(2) “lass” a young woman
(Remove final “s”)
“las” plural of the sixth scale singing syllable

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Captain Ed has a good point. However ...

Species is a unit of biological classification, but the singular and plural are the same.

Specie is money held in coins rather than notes (i.e. a different word, but a plural form).

Are we looking for two different words, one of which is only singular (with the "s") and the other only plural (without the "s")?

I suppose the ending "ss" for singular and "s" for plural with the same stem is not what Bonanova has in mind. There are too many possibilities!


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On 4/2/2019 at 12:50 AM, Thalia said:


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Does the 2nd word have to be the plural of the 1st word or can it be a different word?

"Becomes plural by removing it." Could that mean removing the letters "i-t"?



I'll answer both in the clear.

No. (although the words I have in mind, one plural, one singular, are closely related)

No. It's the literal removal of an "s".


On 4/2/2019 at 7:02 AM, rocdocmac said:
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brass - s = bras


Playing with singulars and plurals I arrived at these facts ,,,

If the plural of mouse is mice and that of louse is lice,  then the plural of house must be hice and the singular of rice must be rouse.

Kudos. But not the words I had in mind. They are common words, and they are closely related.

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