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Colour Combinations



Hi all I am running a community challenge for our magic the gathering community.  We are developing a new way to play with role-playing elements.  I've issued a challenge for help (but I would proly be waiting for a long for any response from my community yo).  I found this forum and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


We have a three-wheel calculator and require the greatest amount of resultants based upon the five-colour combinations of the wheels (and some colourless results would also be much appreciated). Simply cut out the spaces at the center of the wheels so that they can align with the corresponding values underneath.  I've included polygons at the center where the values can be added later.  How would we go about solving this?  Thx,





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It's so lonely trying to figure planetary gears and sequencing.  I suspect that I must begin to scratch at this like a primal man in his cave, by the light of his warm fire.  There are five colours per wheel.  Each colour has 6 potential values.  Thus, each wheel has 30*5 is 180 values.  If there are three wheels, each with 180 potentials, then the total number of possible combinations is either 3*180 is 540.  or 125*6 is 750.  Either way it feels like too high of a number for me to count.  So I have resoved to use one of my only and favorite math skills: factoring.  There are 5 colours each with one column (of 6 potentials).  Thus  3 wheels with 5 potential combinations is 5*5*5 is 125 potentials.  One hundred and twenty-five.  That's a lot of numerical words!  I will meditate upon these columns like sparkling spokes under a starlit sky.

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