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what is your strategy?



A game token costs $10 to play.  The pay out is $100.  You can purchase multiple entries if you desire.  For each entry you purchase, you must pick the lowest positive number that no one else picks.  If there are ten people, including yourself, seeking to purchase tokens, what is your strategy?

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well, if there are ten people that will enter after you each time you put an entry forward, and they enter the lowest positive number too, won't it be reasonable to assume that the game would be lead by you, since you have the lowest positive number; thus, by putting in the number 1, you win? but if we're only allowed to choose the lowest possible number each time, after ten people no less, won't you be caught up by the pattern and enter at least ten times, 1-10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100?. of course, this all depends on the hypothetical game, and the reason why I doubt you'll get a good answer to this question is that you didn't really specify how the game works, and making your submission of this question pretty damn useless. of course, this is the start of the edited section btw, if you just wanna win the game, you can buy out the first ten or even first 100 tokens, seeing that there is no limit to the tokens you can buy at a given time

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