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Crypto-Anagram #2



Here is another cryptogram:


Solve it, then unscramble the letters in the resulting sentence (it is now an anagram) to reveal the name of a rock group and the title of one of their songs (six words altogether).


This image is a clue to the solved cryptogram ...

Clue 1.jpg



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I don't think I have it but


1. Crypto

Messing around with RODENT as the first word and BRITTLING as the second got me nowhere.

RODENT WHITTLING PROFESSIONALLY was the only complete one I found. Except only the first two words have an anchor in the hint.

2. Anagram

Going with the above, there aren't many bands that fit. (THE) ROLLING STONES fit. Except they leave me with a bunch of letters that don't spell any 3 or 4 word song e.g play with fire, sparks with fly.

Gonna backtrack for a bit and see if there's another fork in the road I haven't explored.


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