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1. A box contains 12 balls of three different colors. 4 each of red, yellow and blue. If you were to be blindfolded and asked to pick them at random, How many balls must you pull out to be sure that there are at least two of one color among the balls picked out?

2. In a training academy, Mark is the 50th fastest and the 50th slowest runner. Assuming no two runners, run at the same speed, how many runners are in Mark’s academy?

3. Benjamin had locked his suitcase with a 3-digit numerical code. He normally forgets his codes, so he wrote some clues indicating the what the code was. Can you crack the code based on the 5 clues written below by Benjamin?

Clue #1: 082 – One number is correct and well placed

Clue #2: 013 – One number is correct but wrongly placed

Clue #3: 260 – Two numbers are correct but both are wrongly placed

Clue #4: 748 – None of the numbers are correct

Clue #5: 786 – One number is correct but wrongly placed

4. My daughter has many sisters.

She has as many sisters as she has brothers.

Each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers.

How many sons and daughters do I have?

5. Pamela is trying to lose some weight.

She wants to do this by climbing stairs.

She starts on the fourth floor, climbs up five stories, down seven, up six, down three, and up four again.

What floor is she on now?

6. Jennifer is packing gifts and wants 200 ribbons of length 110 cm each.

If each tape contains 25m of ribbon, how many tapes will Jennifer need?

7. 3 competitors Frank, Bruce, and Jack go on an expedition in the forest. They find a magic lamp in one of the caves in the forest. As they rub the lamp a genie pops out and grants them 1 wish each.

Frank goes first, “I wish I could be alive forever.”

Bruce goes next, “I wish the word ‘alive’ actually meant ‘dead’”.

Jack goes last, “I wish Bruce and Frank were dead”.

After all, is said and done, who of the three is alive and who is dead?

8. 20 people worked and earned $20 between them.

The workers include men, women, and children.

If each man earns $ 3, each woman $1.50 and each child earns $ 0.50.

How many men, women, and children are there?

9. In an athletic race, the woman who came two places in front of the last woman finished one ahead of the woman who came fifth. How many competitors were running the race?

10. Your friend puts a coin in a wine bottle and then puts in the cork to close it. He now asks you to remove the coin from the bottle, but the conditions are that you cannot; take out the cork or Break the bottle. How would you remove the coin?

11. A man has Ten Horses and nine stables as shown here.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

The man wants to fit Ten Horses into nine stables. How can he fit Ten horses into nine stables?

12. A school orchestra with 10 musicians can play the first section of a symphony in 10 minutes. How long would it take to play if they added 10 more musicians to the orchestra?

13. Mark is throwing his son Stewart a surprise birthday party but he has limited funds.

He spent half of his money plus $2.00 on the cake.

Half of what was left plus $2.00 was spent on balloons and decorations.

Then he spent half of what he had left plus $1.00 on candy.

Now he is out of money, how much did Mark start with?





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For Problem #3, clues #4 and #5 are superfluous. One can logically deduce the combination with the first three clues.

For Problem #7, It shall be assumed that wishes that are non-paradoxical could and would be granted by the genie. At the time Frank makes his wish, the possibility of his living for all future time did exist, thus his wish was fulfilled. (If the meaning of words were static, Frank errs in using the auxiliary verb "could" instead of "would" in making his wish). Bruce's wish does not definitively cancel the intent of Frank's wish, as there were both a passage of time between the making of their respective wishes and before the making the first wish of the two were made. The definition assigned to "meant," a past or past participle of "mean," an intent to convey or signify, is logically able to change in meaning as that is what Bruce's wish, in effect does in its granting. Thus Bruce's wish may have no effect whatsoever on Frank's wish. Jack's wish is also expressly past tense. It is possible that both Frank and Bruce were dead sometimes in the past but are currently alive through some miracle or force of magic. It is logical, then, to deduce that without further limitations imposed on and by definitions, there is no definitive answer to the question with "after all is said and done, who of the three is alive and who is dead."  Only assumptions can be made, such as reasoning that with the change of definition of "alive", it being "after all said and done" the same as the definition of "dead," and Frank and Bruce are both "alive (synomynous with dead from Bruce's wish)" and "dead." 


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1. 3 colors so 4 balls?
2. 99
4. 3 sons, 4 daughters
5. Feel like I'm missing something but going to say 9th?
6. Assuming you can't tape pieces together, just over 9 so 10 tapes. 
8. 3 men, 3 women, 13 children. 
9. 6
10. Push the cork into the bottle. 
12. 10 minutes. 
13. $20

A suggestion: Personally, I prefer reading stuff when the title isn't all caps/ screaming in my face. 

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1. Five.

2. If he were the fastest and slowest, there would be 1 runner. Add 49 in front and behind and you have 99 runners.

3. Clues 1 and 2 eliminate 0, and Clue 4 eliminates 8. So Clue 1 establishes --2.
Clue 3 says 2 and 6 are correct but wrongly placed. So we have 6-2.
Clue 2 says ( 1 or 3 ) is correct ( so it's 612 or 632 ) but wrongly placed, so it's 632.

4. 3 sons, 4 daughters.

5. Ninth.

6. Nine. Or Ten.

7. Bruce and Frank are dead. Jack is alive.

8. 2 men ($6), 5 women ($7.50), 13 children ($6.50)

9. Six. If they were all women.

10. Push the cork into the bottle. Shake the coin out.

11. (T)(e)(n)(H)(o)(r)(s)(e)(s)

12. Ten minutes

13. $20

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