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Story riddle.



A friend is trying to figure this out  any help or ideas on how to tackle this would be great  

The time is NOW said Hugh Jackman: 

but was it:


 6:00 am  or 6:00 pm  or was it 6:15 for all he knew it could have been 930, but probably closer to 6:15.  Although, if it was 9:30, the 6:15 train would not arrive until 9:45 if it even came at all.  The crazy 6:15 train would NOT arrive at 9:45!


At 3:00 he noticed on the movie he was watching with Nicole Kidman, something about a witch casting a spell at a quarter to one.  Or was it the Devil himself mister 666.  That spell was cast as 12:45  the six stones were placed at the zero hour and  Heath Ledger was trapped in a bubble.  It took 1215 angels 645 hours to set him free! 


The Zero hour was the name of a play I directed with 6 wonderful actors.  3 of them were male and 9 of them were female.  That does not add up.  Sorry if I am confusing the issue,  I am not sure if it was 6 after all.  In the Zero hour 3 of the actors were male and 9 were female.  I have done it again.  Maybe there were more than 315 males .. there may have been 9 females though, yes of that I am certain!

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