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Fair deal?


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Alpha and Bravo were having a meal with eight bread rolls in the kitty. Alpha contributed five of those rolls, whereas Bravo brought along three. Charlie (as a third person) joined them for the meal, but gave Alpha and Bravo eight coins (as compensation) afterwards. Bravo demanded a 50/50 share of that compensation, even though Alpha offered Bravo three coins, thereby keeping five coins for himself. What should the distribution of Charlie's coins be to make it truthfully a fair deal?

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Assuming everyone ate the same number of rolls…


Each person ate 2⅔ rolls (or 8/3 of a roll)  presumably, so Alpha is fairly owed 2⅓ or 7/3 rolls, while Bravo is fairly owed just ⅓ roll. Since Charlie valued his 8/3 roll at 8 coins, 1 coin per ⅓ roll, 7 of them should go to Alpha and 1 to Bravo.


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