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Poisoned Needles



Before you sits eight needles.  To get what you seek you must bleed as no prize is worth having without shedding some blood to get it.  Be warned though that to bleed for the wrong cause leads to an early grave.  

Two needles achieve nothing beyond a small dose of pain.  One can be found on the left side of the one you seek.  The other lies to the left of an interesting little creation.  

Your own past is often your worst enemy.  Here you have a chance to relive it.  The first and last needle each have not what you seek but while one contains illness and pain…the other provides release.  

Sleep lies to the right of death and to the left of nothingness.  

The one you seek shall lie between blissful nothing and quiet repose.  Be warned…the price for failure is high.

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Do any of the clues imply that the indicated needles are adjacent?

I would take "on the left side of" to imply that "pain" is adjacent to "seek," while "to the left of" simply means "the other pain" is not to the right of "interesting little creation." But I'd like to be certain of that. Also, is "interesting little creation" one of the needles? If so, you have described nine, not eight, needles.


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How I'm interpreting it so far:


Two needles have nothing but a small dose of pain... I'll consider those just ordinary needles that can prick skin.

The first and last needle: one contains illness and pain and I'll consider that one to have a tip with poison. The other provides release... I'm not sure what to think of that, it might mean an antidote or it might mean something like cyanide that'll just flat out kill you without too much suffering, or it might even be sleep since there's a clue later on that refers to a sleeping needle and there's reason to suspect that the clue about release could be referring to the sleeping needle.

Sleep lies to the left of nothingness... to me that implies that it's the last needle (it's to the left of the edge of the set of needles). The clue about the first and last needle refer to one that has illness and pain (which sure doesn't seem like it's referring to sleep) and to another that provides release. And providing release is more plausible to be a reference to sleep. Sleep could be a euphemism for death, but it says sleep lies to the right of death so I'm guessing that sleep really does mean sleep and not death.

So I'll consider that set of clues to mean that the last needle is laced with a sleeping potion, the needle just before it is laced with cyanide, the first needle is laced with poison, there are two needles with nothing, one "interesting creation" and a thing we seek (which might or might not be synonymous with the interesting creation). But that only accounts for 6 or 7 of the 8 needles and doesn't give enough information to figure out which one to pick. Aside from of course avoiding numbers 1, 7, and 8 (unless you want to take a nap).


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