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Brain Teaser help needed ... Beat The Clock 1950s TV show ... balls and smoking pipes

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I was cruising the TV and I came across the Beat The Clock TV show from 1950s. There was a challenge That looked like this:

Two small balls
Each on its own 18" string suspended from a wooden bar
The balls were 18" apart.
You had to put 2 smoking pipe in your mouth
You couldn't use your hands after you put the pipes in your mouth.
The ball rested on top of the hole, but did not go in.

You had to get one ball in each of the smoking pipes

How do you do it?

It wasn't solved on the show I watched.

Now, if you get the first ball in and then try for the second, the ark of first ball means you couldn't get to the bottom of the second ball to put it in the pipe.


If you know another site that solves these things; post it here.

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Start the balls swinging before you put the pipes in your mouth or use the pipes to hit one and start the swinging. At that point, hope you've got good timing and coordination. . .


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A few thoughts:

It would be better to start the ball swinging at the beginning to give yourself the most amount of time.

You could also hook the string with the pipe as the balls are swinging so you can catch both balls on the inside of the pipes. At that point, you could attempt to flip the balls up like that toy where the ball on a string is attached to a cup.

He said you can't touch it with your hands. He didn't say anything about feet so I suppose if you're extremely flexible. . .

Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's easy even if you have a good strategy. . .


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