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Dividend, please?

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Here are the placeholders for a long division, along with a single digit in the quotient.

Can you piece together the dividend?

                x 7 x x x
  x x x / x x x x x x x x
          x x x x
             x x x
             x x x
             x x x x
               x x x
                 x x x x
                 x x x x
                 - - - -

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20 minutes ago, bonanova said:


=)) thanks

Dividend = abcdefgh

Divisor = Y

7Y have 3 digit

=> the first number of quotient must be 8 or 9. It's canot be 8 because: 

Call Z= abcd - 8Y, Z have 2 digit

10Z +e -7Y = 3 digit

The third number of quitient( call it is n) x Y = 3 digit and the subtraction of nY get 2 digit ,ít impossible

So we got 97809.


We know 9Y >= 1000, 8Y<1000

So Y =[112-124]


I check and divinded is 12128316


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