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From this screenshot, I can say that


if you look at the “You are the one” phrase and look at the blocks of letters of the same color up above, there are two Ys in the yellow block and there are two yellow Xs together in what looks like the answer line, there’s one each of O and U in the yellow block and singlet yellow Xs in the corresponding spots on the answer line, and it works similarly for the other color blocks. If the answer calls for pressing buttons on a 3x5 grid, then you probably need to press buttons corresponding to the spots where the letters from the “You are the one” phrase appears on the blocks of letters above. If there’s another 3x5 grid of letters or numbers somewhere else in the game that could act as a key, then you probably need to look at the corresponding positions in that key grid. If it’s something else, then we’ll probably need more information about the game in order to give you an answer.

Questions that might help work toward a solution if it’s neither of those:

Can you say what format the door ID is: Number of characters? All alphabetical? All numeric? Both alpha and numeric? Colors? Coordinates?

Is there a reasonably high chance to expect that this should end up spelling out a phrase in plain text when we find the solution?

Any previous puzzles in the game building up to this one that we should know about in order to have a sense of how we’re supposed to approach it?

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