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Superman vs a black hole



Suppose superman can survive the vacuum of space (the comics are inconsistent with this ability). Let's say he is in the front of a spaceship that just crossed, what I believe in English is called,  the event horizon for a black hole. That point where matter gets sucked into hole. Is it possible for superman to move to the rear of the ship and escape the black hole, assuming that the back of the ship hasn't crossed the event horizon? 

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As I understand these things, he can't escape a black hole that way.

The reason is that as objects enter the vicinity of a black hole (approach it, but before they cross the event horizon) they get spaghettified. They lose their structural integrity. If Superman had crossed the event horizon, the "front" of the spaceship would already have already been ripped from its "back" apart. Sadly, our super hero would also have suffered the same fate. Even if his super powers allow him to stay in one piece, his space ship would offer him no assistance in exiting the event horizon. He would have to do that on his own.

And, the OP asks whether the space ship would help him exit. The answer is, it wouldn't.

As I understand what happens, to ordinary matter, is the difference in gravitational attraction experienced by the near and far portions of objects is so extreme that they are pulled apart, like so much taffy, but worse -- torn apart, almost at the molecular level. That damage would be irreparable. The space ship would disintegrate.



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